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Things to Do in Tinley Park

The History of Tinley Park

Tinley Park was originally established in 1853 as Bremen. The community flourished with economic growth in the years that followed thanks in part to its key location directly on the Chicago, Rock Island and Union Pacific railroad lines. The town officially incorporated in 1892 as Tinley Park, named after the Village’s first railroad station agent, Samuel Tinley. Henry Vogt was elected its first mayor that same year.

Tinley Park Innovators

Tinley Park’s business community has always been comprised of innovative leaders. With ingenuity and grit, local businesspeople established their own electric utility in 1909. From the 1890s through the 1950s, citizens operated an enterprising soda pop bottling plant in the Village. Inventor John Rauhoff developed and manufactured Ironite, an additive for waterproofing cement used in the Hoover Dam construction.

Our Links to the Past

The area within Tinley Park’s original 1892 municipal boundaries has been designated a historic district. Property owners in this area are encouraged to preserve and restore the landmark appearances of their buildings. The “Old Zion” Landmark Church, a prominent and stately structure in the Historic District, houses the Tinley Park Historical Society and museum.

Historic Site Markers

Several historic site markers in and around Downtown Tinley pay tribute to individuals, buildings and locations of importance in Tinley Park's past. Visit the Historic Site Markers page on the Village website for more information.